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Join our fitness classes in Lewisham

Do you want to improve your fitness level? Are you looking for fitness classes in Lewisham? Team6 is here for you.

Fitness training using VertiMax 

VertiMax is one of the leading strength and speed training equipmen in the world. At Team6, we use VertiMax to train you and to help you achieve your fitness goals. We provide 10 fitness sessions for £60. We take fitness classes 7 times a week in Hilly Fields Park in London with around 10 people per class. We also take classes in Lewisham, Brockley and Ladywell.
sports training

Methods we use to train you:

  • Speed training
  • Movement training
  • Agility training
  • Balance
  • Strength & Power
  • Sports performance drills
360 workout

Train to perform

At Team6, we help you improve your overall fitness level. We make detailed evaluations of your fitness and personalise your workouts to make sure you get the best results. The Ignite 360 workouts have three stages or layers including “train to improve,” “train to gain,” and “train to perform.” Each layer is more challenging that the other. Different overload variables are also used to challenge you as you progress. In addition to improving your strength, the workouts will help improve your balance and athletic movement.
"I started training with back in 2014. Since training with him, my balance, stamina, and power have all improved. 
I try to train twice a week at the moment and the training sessions are very challenging but fun too. It is a tough hour each time but there is always variety with weights, boxing, running, skipping and much more."
- Eniko Matyus

To take our fitness classes in Lewisham, Brockley and Ladywell, call
07943 733 206
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